allys life
Updated: 12/3/2020
allys life

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  • oh thank you ally
  • here i got you a card
  • why would you do that ally youve done tings more inaproriate but this ally
  • umm im sorry?
  • im really sorry ms.silver. I uh nevermind.
  • ally why would you give your teacher a sympathy card
  • wait what a sympathy card
  • Ally gives Mrs. Hall card and doesn't know its a sympathy card Ally feels really happy at first because she is doing something really nice.
  • well not the best i accidentally gave mrs.hall a sympathy card
  • oh ally im sorry
  • so how was your day Ally?
  • Ally gets in trouble and has to go to the principles office for her mistake.
  • so your mom is a waitress ha
  • she used to be an astronaut
  • oh hello ally *jessica* my dads a florist.
  • Ally talks to the principle and says she's sorry
  • What would you girls like?
  • strawberry oh wait chocolate sound good.
  • chocolate ice-cream!
  • Ally go's home and talks to her om about what happened.
  • Next day she gos to her moms icecream/coffee shop. shay and jessica walk in the door they make fun of how her mom is a waitress and jessicas dad is a florist.
  • It was time to order ice-cream Jessica orders strawberry but then shay orders chocolate so jessica orders chocolate too.
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