Updated: 3/10/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Hey Derek
  • Come here
  • Hey guys whats up
  • Wanna smoke or a drink?
  • Yeah you should join us, itll be fun
  • Uh oh, I really want to fit in. I should make up an excuse
  • Oh, I dont know guys, I should be getting home
  • yeah, heres a drink. Just relax
  • Come on, only a couple minutes
  • Fine. Just a couple sips though
  • Oh wow this isn't that bad
  • Ok I guess it couldnt hurt if you guys do it
  • Yeah you would look cool doing it. plus it feels great
  • Now maybe you'll loosen up and smoke a little?
  • This is actually kind of fun. I like how it makes me feel
  • Come back here tomorrow, we can do this again
  • yeah its great. Youre one of us now