geography storyboard
Updated: 6/12/2020
geography storyboard
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  • Hello everyone! today I will be teaching you about how some of the elements of weat-her are measured. So let's head outside!
  • Hi!
  • First we have how to measure the temperature. My assistant Lily is holding a thermometer, thermometers are used to measure how hot or cold a place is. We measuring temperature using a unit called degrees celsius.
  • What is this?
  • That is called a barometer they are used to measure something called the air pressure! Barometers tell us what kind of weather to expect. The air pressure is measured in a unit called millibars.
  • What is air pressure?
  • air pressure is a force that pushes down on us because of the air, if the air pressure is high, it means that the air is sinking and if the air pressure is low it means air is rising
  • I know what this is! it's a rain gauge
  • Yes well done! it is a rain gauge, this tells us how much water has fallen from the sky. It shows us how much precipitation there is. It can be rain, snow, sleet or hail. Precipitation can be measured in millimetres or centimetres. It is very simple to use, you put it in the ground in the morning then at night you go and collect it and take a reading off the side of it and write it down somewhere
  • Bye!
  • That's all we have time to show you today, make sure to tune in tomorrow for more! Thanks for helping me Lily and thanks everyone for watching, bye!
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