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Acid/Base Comic
Updated: 5/20/2020
Acid/Base Comic
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  • The Adventures of Nina & Fred
  • Muahahaha!! I, evil genius Acid Man, shall escape using the corrosive nitric acid!
  • Oh no! We have to stop him!
  • How? If we get too close, he'll burn us with the acid, too!
  • I know! We just need to find the right base to cause a neutralization reaction!
  • Great idea! I'll test nitric acid with an indicator to determine a good base. You stay here and watch him. Maybe throw some things at him, too, just because.
  • When Fred returns with a base...
  • That sodium hydroxide you found should definitely neutralize the acid and turn it into salt.
  • Great job Fred! We saved the world from Acid Man!
  • Thanks Nina! I couldn't have done it without you . . . although . . .
  • How did you manage to get the base so fast, anyway?
  • I had to cut through the bog. I even saw some bog bodies that were preserved by the acids in there. No telling how long they'd been there. *shudder*
  • Nina and Fred!! Our heroes!!!
  • Later on . . .
  • Our saviors! Nina! Fred! Yay!!
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