The cruicible
Updated: 6/15/2020
The cruicible
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  • The woods
  • Blame
  • Affair
  • Betty, and Abigail and all their friends get caught by Mr Paris( Abigails Uncle) dancing in the woods. Tituba (the sevant) was also there. After this Betty falls unconsius and is unable to wake up. Shes sick but the town doctor doesnt know what is wrong with her. the villagers then beleive that shes under a spell because of witchcraft.
  • Sabotage
  • because tituba was with them that night, Abigail turns blames her for betty not being able to wake up. She said that Tituba "called the devil" and forced her and the other girls to join her. Tituba confesses to this but also says that there are more Witches in the town
  • Court
  • After Abigail and John have a sexual affair, Abigale then falls in lovewithJohn and believes that he is also falling in love with her. The actionsAbigail takes against Elizabeth (Johns wife) are the result of her obsession.
  • Sentenced to death
  • one day as Mary Warren (John proctors maid) was sewing a poppet for Mrs Procter and for safe keeping she kept the needle under the dress of the poppet, Abigail saw this and decided to stab herself with a needle and say that Mrs. Procter made a Voodoo doll against her. Of course everyone beilived her and Mrs Procter was arrested and accused of being a witch. If Abigail couldnt have him nobody will.
  • John makes Mary go infront of the court and tell them that she made the doll and not Elizabeth. She also told them the needle was in there only for safe keeping just incase the doll started to become undone. The judge made abigail and her friends come to court to also testify. this spooked Mary and eventually she accuses John of making her say those things and that he made her sign the devils book 
  • John doesnt confess to do these things and he is hanged for being a Witch. Abigail goes free and is never convicted of anything.
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