Updated: 11/16/2020

Storyboard Text

  • S- Structure
  • M- Meaning
  • I- Imagery
  • The structure of the poem is simple as it follows the 8 stanzas. The rhyme scheme is a little different because it follows the iambic pentameter scheme. The idea of the poem is based off events that happen in chronological life events. From the beginning of the story as we start in the youth, until he gets older and dies
  • L- Language
  • The general meaning of this poem is death. They author reverts a lot to growing old and dying. The authors uses his words to show the details of a sorrow life growing old and even adds a little bit about his life after death. He shows thats when he says "I cannot see what flowers are at my feet. Nor what soft incense hangs upon the boughs,But, in embalmed darkness.." That's when the author confirms the theme of darkness and death.
  • E- Effect
  • The author uses a lot of visual imagery in the poem. It's not figurative language imagery. He paints the picture of someone growing old. As he says where galaxy sales a few, sad, last, grey hairs. Where youth grow pale, and thins out and dies.
  • There are some complicated words in the poem. The author ties words such as mirth and earth together to rhyme, and to create an abstract rhyme scheme. The author had to be from an English region because a bunch of old English is used. The story uses a lot of personification.
  • The effect of this poem is very roller coaster like. It's lie that because the author starts the poem in a depressed and dark mood. Next he starts talking about starting at youth to growing old and dying.