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Taking class notes using Cornell doc file
Updated: 10/20/2019
Taking class notes using Cornell doc file
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Instructional YouTube video proposing utilizing Cornell notes doc file as an efficient learning tool and as a study guide for tests.

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  • Introduction Lee (sit behind her laptop computer): hi its Lee here, listen, have you found yourself overwhelmed by the load of the marital you need to study for an exam. if you answered yes then i'm uploading this video for you. there is a say that:"everything is easy when you use the right tools". you know, learning is all about the quality of the notes you taking. I will show you how I'm taking notes and turning study for test a breeze,all by using one simple tool . Let's Learn How to Simplify!
  • Lee: I've tried other notes taking formats but, I love Cornell notes! It's easy, super organized way of taking notes, and you don't need to be Picasso to use this tool successfully. I'm attaching an empty file you can download below. one Note to keep in mind is that: it is important you prepare your notes BEFORE class! Edit them during the lecture's with relevant info and examples. 1. DOWNLOAD THE Cornell doc. 2. Save an empty copy for each class you attending.
  • Lee: let me show you how I'm preparing my super notes for my next humanities class. I'm opening the class PowerPoint Presentation.I'm downloading the presentation to be able to copy and past points into my Cornell doc. (you don't need to save the presentation) 3. Download the PowerPoint Presentation4. Copy & Past Main Point into Cornell
  • Lee: If you working on PC use the option to capture screen for when the PowerPoint not allowing you to copy an Image. by pressing shift + WIN + S at the same time. 5. Continue Copy & Past all content on your PP slides while summarizing (use abbreviation & minimize text), highlight main index points.
  • Lee: Before an exam summarize and minimize text to index points and print. Review, understand and memorize to check your proficiency in the material.6. GET READY FOR AN EXAM:Summarize to index points. Review. Understand. Check Proficiency.
  • You Can A'ce It ! Good Luck!
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