ZamZam water
Updated: 8/24/2018
ZamZam water
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  • ZamZam Water By Leena Ramadan 10D
  • Salam Brother Khaled I have a question to ask you, What is ZamZam water?
  • Sure I can Abdallah, ZamZam water is special water found inSaudi Arabia desert next to two mountains called Al Safa and Marwa this waterwas discovered at the time of the prophet Ibrahim (AS) this water is knownreally sacred to all Muslims.
  • Wowww thats cool did the water just explode out of a pipe?
  • No Abdallah your to funny theirs a story behind ZamZam water. Let me tell you the story of how it was found.
  • ZamZam water was found at the time of theprophet Ibrahim(AS), one day the prophet Ibrahim(AS) received a message from Allah(SWT) to take his wife and young son to a desert and leave them there, Hajar knew this was from Allah(SWT) and everything that comes from Allah(SWT) is good. so, her and ismail sat under a date tree,after a while Ismail (AS) became thirsty and started crying, Hajar started panicking as her son was thirsty and she had no water so their was two mountains which are called Safa and Marwa, so she started running up and down these mountains suddenly a pond of water appeared from the ground which is ZamZam water. 
  • Thats really interesting brother Khaled i never knew this 
  • Its really important to know this story it shows us how blessed we are today to have water when ever we want when hajar struggled to find water for her son straight away.
  • In an hadith the prophet Muhammed(SAW) said, The best water on the surfaec of the earth is the of ZamZam. In it there is food for the hungry and a cure for the ill.
  • Thank You Brother khaled, i've learnt something new today. I'll see you tomorrow
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