Gay-Lussac's Law
Updated: 5/16/2020
Gay-Lussac's Law
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  • Go easy on me Henry!
  • Hey Chloe it is really hot outside and I am hungry lets go eat in my car for a bit
  • The ball looks a bit deflated. Someone must have stolen our ball!
  • One morning, Henry and his girlfriend Chloe were playing soccer at the park.
  • Since the temperatures were very high, Henry decided it was best to take Chloe to go relax and cool off in his car while they eat.
  • You! why did you steal our soccer ball
  • I didn't bro, it was deflated due to the heat, its something to do with chemistry
  • Chloe and Henry talked and ate for a long time before going back to playing soccer at the park.
  • Turns out he was right. Its called Gay-Lussac's Law. It says here that as the temperature goes up the air pressure would go down. I guess we should have brought the ball to the car.
  • Due to the heat during that day, the ball looked deflated. This means that the air pressure in the ball decreased. However, Henry did not know this.
  • Henry thought he found the ball summgler, however he was shocked when he remembered a certain lesson in Mrs. Dokka's chemistry class about deflating balls.
  • They found out that the man was indeed right. Next time Chloe and Henry went to play soccer, they made sure to put the soccer ball back into the car while they were eating.
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