Updated: 12/10/2019
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  • Inside the large throne room of Hyrule Castle, the King has gathered Zelda, Link and Impa. The hall is grand but bare, if not for the red throne at the back which is flanked by a pillar either side. Tall windows of plain glass adorn the beige brick walls and a long red carpet is rolled from throne to entrance.
  • "Zelda, Duke Onkled is under attack bythe evil forces of Ganon. I’mgoing to Gamelon to aid him."
  • "I’ll take the Triforce of Courage toprotect me. If you don’t hear from me in a month,send Link."
  • As Zelda turns to Impa, exasperated, Impa offers a smile and holds up the Triforce of Wisdom to quell the worries of the princess. The prism representing the Triforce spins in place, levitating over the palm of Impa’s hand.
  • "Don’t worry Zelda, the Triforce of Wisdompromises the King will safely return–"
  • "Enough! My ship sails in the morning."
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