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To kill a Mockingbird Courtroom Scene
Updated: 3/28/2019
To kill a Mockingbird Courtroom Scene
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A comic on the "To kill a Mockingbird" part in the court.

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  • This looks kind of tense. I hope Atticus wins.
  • All rise! The court is now in session!
  • This doesn't look too good for me.
  • How bad were the injuries when you got there? 
  • She was pretty well beat up when I found her.
  • Hmm, interesting...
  • Scout and Jem secretly snuck into the courtroom to see Atticus at his trial defending Mr. Robinson on his alleged charges of rape. Scout and Jem have to sit on the colored bench area because they wasn’t any room at the bottom. Also, they didn’t want Atticus seeing them in the crowd. Scout isn’t old enough to understand everything that is going on during the trial, so she is very keen to find out. Jem is kind of the same, but he also makes some observations about the trial as it progresses. As they talk about Tom, he notices that Tom has a crippled arm, caught in a cotton gin when he was little, and it ripped all the muscles from his left arm. It was completely numb, he couldn’t move it. They both really hope that Atticus wins because they believe that Mr. Robinson is innocent, and they heard the Ewells are very misbehaved, which Scout already knew firsthand. Reverend Sykes was also there, and he was kind enough to explain to Scout and Jem what was happening at the moment. Scout and Jem are curious to see how the trial will progress, as they don’t know if Tom will be found guilty or not.
  • Why, uh, yes, I stand with all he said.
  • Mr. Ewell, would you agree with Mr. Tate's injury description?
  • Oh God, I hope this doesn't come back to haunt me.
  • Tom Robinson is currently on trial for the rape of Mayella Ewell, which Atticus is certain he didn’t do. Tom probably didn’t get his hopes up because in a town where whites are viewed as superior to blacks, a black man raping a white woman was considered extremely racist. The jury was also all white, so he thought they were racially biased against him. With Atticus as his defense attorney, however, he might have a chance, as he is a great lawyer, and if the judge appointed Mr. Finch to defend him, there must have been a reason. He hopes that he wins because he has a wife and kids who need money, and with him being accused of such a terrible crime, no one in town is willing to hire his wife, Helen. He doesn’t show too much other thinking in this scene, but he is prepared to fight for himself. It’s a good thing that he got a lawyer who wasn’t against him for being black, and having a shot of winning this trial. He probably is also thinking about how Mr. Ewell and Mayella will testify against him later on, and how he will be able to counter their evidence. Now, at the moment, he seems kind of calm, ready for the whole thing to proceed normally.
  • Atticus is currently questioning Mr Heck Tate, the sheriff of Maycomb. He was sent to help Mayella Ewell after she was allegedly raped. Atticus questioned him about a report of all the injuries he found on her. He replied that he saw a black right eye, bruises all around her entire neck, and along her body. Strangely enough, though, he said that nobody bothered to call a doctor to check Mayella’s condition. There he got an idea, that maybe if her right eye was blackened, then somebody with a left hand could’ve done it, and maybe that someone could be Mr. Ewell, because he fits the description. He was a drunk, angry, and could have beat her daughter, but he had to prove it on later. Also, there might be a good chance that the defendant, Tom Robinson, could be left-handed as well, but probably not because he got his arm caught in a cotton gin. He is a very smart man, and is taking all of the details he can and using them later on in the trial to try and stop the witnesses in their tracks. He is probably thinking about all the possible ways this trial could go and what he could do to win it.
  • Bob Ewell is the father of the alleged rape victim Mayella Ewell, and is testifying for the prosecution to prove Mr. Robinson, the defendant, guilty. When being asked several questions, he was apparently observing the questions to make sure they were safe. He hesitated often during the trial. He didn’t want to say something that would screw his chances of winning this court trial. His family isn’t the most respected there was in town, as his family lived near a dump. He seemed to just go along with what Atticus said about Mayella’s injuries, and acted like he didn’t know what Atticus was talking about, and just went with it. He was probably nervous because he knew if he didn’t even know his own daughter’s injuries, something weird was going on here. He also testified that he heard screaming and ran to help her daughter, and saw her being raped, and ran to Mr. Tate to help. Later on, when Atticus asked him if he could read or write, Bob wasn’t very keen to answer at first. Then, when he signed the piece of paper, he was revealed to be left-handed. He probably said the mean things about Atticus leading him on to save himself and have a defense against Atticus.
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