Updated: 4/6/2021

Storyboard Text

  • I was cleaning my room before going out with my friend Samara
  • After cleaning it up, I called my friend Samara to arrange where we would meet.
  • 1 hello Samara, how are you?
  • 7 pity friend, I remember. I had gone to the movies with my parents that time, before going to visit you because of your illness. well that's how we find ourselves in the "Jardin Plaza" shopping center.
  • 9 at 5:00 pm. friend see you soon
  • 5 Excellent!, I had gone to the cinema last week and saw that the movie "Barbie the secret of the fairies 2" is for today. I love it!
  • 3 Okay, tell me where you want us to meet
  • 4 I had thought of going to eat ice cream or anything after the movies
  • 2 hello johanna fine, and you?
  • 10 ok bye
  • 8 OK, in what time?
  • 6 of course, let's see that movie. I had seen part 1 in cinema; if it weren't because I got so seriously ill back then
  • And that's how it was that great day with my friend Samara; I had finished organizing my room, before my meeting with her at 5:00 pm. She had spent a great movie afternoon with me and I had been able to see my favorite movie with a good friend.