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Updated: 1/17/2019
Unknown Story

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  • There was once a boy named Steve. Steve was suffering of depression. He didn't care about himself or his house, basically anything dealing with him.
  • Steve was sad when he went to school the next day. But nobody notices he needs help. Until a new student arrived on the bus and...
  • she said "are you okay?is something wrong?" and introduced herself as Melanie. Steve said "hey, yea you can sit down and i can explain later. My name is Steve nice to meet you". They rode the bus to school and went to class because they had classes together.
  • The school day had ended and Melanie and Steve were going to the bus to get ready to go home. They laughed and talked together throughout the whole school day and on the bus, Steve was happy again after a long time. He was thinking how someone finally made him smile again, they arrived home and Steve went in the house and decided to make a change.
  • Steve's depression went away now that somebody was there to listen and speak to him and help him from what he was going through. He rearranged his room and cleaned it, he put more attention to his health and body. He was happy and continued on with school and was never sad again.