penis 2.0
Updated: 1/23/2020
penis 2.0
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penis is fun for the family

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  • hey what are some examples of an abiotic and biotic factor
  • well me and you are biotic and that rock over there is abiotic.
  • what are the benefits of us living in the same ecosystem
  • well you kill of some of my competition so I get more food.
  • I think competing for food and habitats is our biggest challenge
  • what are the challenges of us living together
  • what kind of parts are in a circuit?
  • well the needed parts in a circuit are a switch, a battery, a wire, and a light.
  • What is the difference between a parallel and a series circuits?
  • well a series circuit one loop like a flash light. and a parallel is something is Christmas lights
  • Why does this balloon stick to the wall when i rub it against my head?
  • well because when you rub the balloon on your head the electrons go from your hair and stick to the balloon and that makes it stick to the wall.
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