realism in movies and books
Updated: 11/16/2017
realism in movies and books
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Movie Marshall

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  • Marshall
  • what you doing blackie?
  • Out of my mind
  • ????
  • she is so weird. She cant speak properly or walk
  • Dairy of a wimpykid
  • Awww!!! i did not even win the cartoon contest.
  • In this scene we can see verisimilitude by the words of the white men calling out Marshall a negro because of his color, this shows the use of language at the time. The setting can tell you were this happened which was in a in a bar and the clothing of suits. Finally we see the expression, this gives an idea of their character.
  • We see verisimilitude in this scene because we see how her classmates react to her having cerebral palsy. she feels sad. Also since they are in school the setting is a class room. Lastly you can see her will to get words out but it is not coming out. She tries to fit in by wearing regular clothes so she can be seen as a regular human.
  • Here we see verisimilitude when Greg mad about his school year. He did not get to do what he wanted to. Also we see the setting is in a school. Lastly you can see his feeling by his word choice which it more believable.
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