Updated: 4/29/2020

Storyboard Text

  • The bees look for flowers to pollinate as they are pollinators
  • The bees find flowers and land on them for nectar and pollen and start the process of pollination. The bees collect pollen from the stamen, more specifically the anther, of the male plant and carry it to the next flower.
  • The bess then move onto the other flowers and land on the female flowers. The female flowers stigma catches the pollen the bees bring to them.
  • The pollen that the stigma catches moves down a tube called the style. The style acts as a protector for the pollen and defends against pollen contamination.
  • The pollen moves down the style and into the flowers ovary. The overy makes seeds and over time the ovary will turn into a fruit encasing the seed.
  • The bees go back to their hive and repeat the process of fertilization again the next day.