ISN 11 Samurai Cartoon
Updated: 11/9/2020
ISN 11 Samurai Cartoon

Storyboard Description

Its about a samurai adapting to the new rules that were placed for samurais

Storyboard Text

  • Let me tell you a story that happened while Japan was going through the changes japan was going through in the Edo Period. Since there was no war, samurai weren't much of a use in the battlefield. ., Enjoy the Story,
  • Life of A Samurai in the Edo Period
  • Due to the peace in Japan, we don't need our samurais to keep guard anymore so thanks for your duty. You are still REQUIRED to pay all of your bills, but you won't be getting money from us.
  • Oh no!
  • Now Hiring... Positions going out fast!!
  • I need to get a job to pay my bills, if I don't the Daimyo are going to kill my family! I can't let that happen like it did to my friend... Why don't in the immigration place... Looks like they are hiring... I loved my old life way better.
  • Immigration
  • 5 years later
  • I got the job and my family won't be killed!!!!!!!!!! Yay. I can pay my debt to the merchant and when the emperor and shogun need me to fight again, I will be ready.
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