Davids alibi
Updated: 2/13/2020
Davids alibi

Storyboard Text

  • Should i really go through with this idea.
  • David goes through with the plan and leaves school.
  • David comes home from school and calls out for gram to see were she is.
  • "in my room Davy!"
  • "Gram? Were are you?"
  • "well i have a surprise for you so meet my in the living room."
  • "How was your day?"
  • "It was boring i never get to do anything."
  • "Hes deciding weather he should go along with the plan."
  • "Im comingDavy."
  • "He is checking were his grandma is."
  • "Whats this?"
  • "I made you some jello your favorite."
  • "Ask her how her day was just making small talk."
  • "She is coming down stairs to see what her surprise is."
  • David gives her the drugged jello.
  • The grandma is passed out on the couch because of the drugged jello.