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Amadou & Lena
Updated: 6/19/2020
Amadou & Lena
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Prostate cancer Storyboard That

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  • 2. Thank you Doc, I will drink plenty of water and empty my bowel.
  • 1. Hello Mr. John, treatment for your prostate cancer starts tomorrow and takes 4-5 weeks. For every treatment, you will need to have an empty bowel and full bladder. Please try to drink plenty of water prior to your procedure.
  • 3. it is important that you have a full bladder and an empty rectum so that they would be spared from the radiation to the prostate.
  • 2. Thank you Cindy! Do I change from the waist up or everything?
  • Hi Mr. John, ready for your first day? There is a changing room, please change into a gown. You will then head to the treatment room.
  • 3. Everything, Sir!
  • 1. Hi Mr. John, my name is David, I'm your therapist, What is your date of birth please
  • Beam On
  • 2. it is 01/01/1950. How does the radiation work?Will I feel any pain?
  • 2. Once we set you up, we would go out and take images to make sure we're right on spot. During the treatment we'll watch you through the camera and speak to you via microphone.
  • 1. No sir, you won't feel any pain. You will lie on the table head first supine and we'll aline the tattoos from CT scan with the laser.
  • 3. it is important to remain still at all times. We would use a technique called IMRT to help reduce the dose to other tissues.
  • Beam On
  • 1. Please remain still. We would step outside and take KV images. We will use the IMRT technique as the Dr explained to you.
  • 2. in total we would use 6600 cGy to 7000 cGy dose fractionated over 4 to 5 weeks as per your plan. You can call or wave your hand if you need us
  • Together we can beat cancer
  • 2. Please come back every 6 months for evaluation. Feel free to call for any questions or share any concerns. Our team is here to help you.
  • 1. Congrats for completing your treatment. We will keep monitoring your symptoms.
  • 3. Thank you Dr and to all the team.
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