How To Become a Green Family
Updated: 5/23/2020
How To Become a Green Family

Storyboard Description

This comic depicts ways in which us as society can reduce our carbon emissions and protect our environment. Examples of these are replacing lights, reducing the amount of hot water used in our homes, and many others which are listed in the comic. A family is seen in attempt to change their procedures in order to become more environmentally friendly family by introducing new concepts to change and better their home. This shows how all families can change for the benefit of the environment even if it is just small changes and that you do not need to be wealthy in order to make these changes. This comic is of importance as it tells us that we need care for the environment and our own carbon footprint as we contribute to climate change as individuals and as families. This family is a good example of how people should be reacting to climate change and their carbon footprints.

Storyboard Text

  • Mom, I know we already recycle and compost but is there anything else we can do to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Its important to reduce our carbon footprint and we help save the environment but I don't have any ideas, lets go ask your father.
  • Hey Dad, we were brainstorming how to become greener as a family but we ran out of ideas, can you think of any?
  • We could start walking more instead of driving, reuse water in different places of the house and make sure all of our lights are LEDs. I have ideas we could do outside.
  • We could also: use less heat and air-conditioning, plant more trees, use less hot water and use energy-efficient products.
  • I have an idea, we can add solar panels harness solar power and make our own sustainable energy.
  • Those are brilliant ideas, I'm so glad that us as a family can make a small difference and hopefully inspire others.