How Maui slowed the sun

Updated: 9/16/2021
How Maui slowed the sun

Storyboard Text

  • Ugh! Already?! There's no time to do anything these days!!
  • Alright, listen up!!
  • In a small town, there once lived a guy named Maui. He was a demigod and loved making mischief and helping people. Once he even gave humans the secret of fire but that's another story...
  • At that time, the days were short and there was no time to do anything important like plant crops or even go for a walk. The sun just zoomed across the sky each day.
  • Throw the ropes, brothers!!
  • Maui was sick of it and decided to do something about it...He summoned his brothers and told them his plan.
  • They spent all of the next, short day collecting flax to weave strong ropes which they would use to catch the sun later.
  • They went out during the long night and reached the giant pit from which the sun would rise from. They waited until the sun peeked over the edge, then threw their ropes over the sun's immense, flaming body.
  • Maui hit the sun over the head with his magic fishhook until the sun was weakened and rose slower. From then on, the days were long and people had enough time to do everything they needed to during the day
  • The end