Updated: 5/14/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Rodger
  • HOSPITAL1937
  • George
  • 1950, George and Rodger on the bus (green shirt)
  • Black children, at the back!Don't forget, you've to wait until white girls and boys are seated !!
  • 1954,school for black people, Rodger's School.
  • HEY Rodger!What's up?
  • I'm so glad!the equality is coming!
  • I read in the NewYork Times that a black girl study in a school for white people!
  • A black girl is in the school!!!!!
  • It's horrible!!!!
  • school for white people,George's school
  • I do not agree with you, for me it's a good thing.New head, no differences, saying no to segregation...
  • 1962, in Dr. George's office
  • 1962, Rodger,the housekeeper of the hospital
  • 1999, Rodger and George as equal men, they lived near to each other but it's the first time they see the other one.
  • I was born in the same hospital than you, I studied in a school near of yours, and I cleaned the toilet of the hospital where you worked.
  • not to near but not too far...
  • It's crazy , we grew up in the same city, we worked in the same hospital, and I've never seen you