climate change
Updated: 2/4/2021
climate change

Storyboard Text

  • look outside! it's like a 100 degrees out there! come on let's play Suzan!
  • Anna what are you doing here i just woke up.
  • mhm that's weird
  • omg it's so hot! Why though? i'm going to do some research.
  • woohoo yay i love summer, but wait it isn't even summer. oh well i don't care.
  • here it is, mhm what is going on, this is about globalwarming or something mhm. this is a really big deal wow.
  • weird, mhm well let's just go to Anna.
  • it's raining !
  • huh yes i read that weather changes happens a lot lately. something with greenhouse gasses i think.
  • Huh Anna why aren't you playing outside?
  • *later that night/early in the morning*
  • WHAT? it's snowing omg this can't be true! This have never happened to me. yesterday it was so hot!
  • i have to take a better look at this!
  • brr, omg i can't believe it. i think everythink i read on the internet was really true!
  • the end.