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Moses' Story
Updated: 11/10/2018
Moses' Story
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  • After the Egyptian Pharaoh made a law that all Hebrew male babies would be killed, Moses' mother got terribly upset and had no choice but to send him away as she could not bare the thought to lose her son. She put him in a basket and wrapped him in swaddling clothes and sent him down the river.
  • When the baby not yet called Moses got to a river bank, a beautiful girl picked him up and took him to her palace. She was the daughter of the Pharaoh and did not know that the baby was Hebrew. She named him Moses and he became a great man among the Egyptians.
  • After time, and once Moses was all grown up and was now a farmer, God came to him in the form of a burning bush. God told him to rescue the Israelites from the cruel Egyptians. Moses teamed up with Aaron and they travelled to the Pharaoh who got very angry because they didn't praise Egyptian Gods. Moses used a rod God had given him to cause suffering on Egypt with insects until Pharaoh said he would let the Israelites go.
  • Due to fear of what else God would do, the Pharaoh let them go. The Israelites set straight off to the promised land: Canaan. Eventually they reached the red sea and realised that the Egyptian army was following them. Moses raised his rod and the sea parted into two large walls on either sides of them. That got rid of the Egyptians!
  • The children of Israel sang songs of praise to God all the way to Canaan. They would be eternally grateful for Moses and God for helping them.
  • And to this day they lived happily ever after...
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