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Korean War
Updated: 5/5/2020
Korean War
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  • What could this cause going into the future?
  • North Korea, I have heard that you guys have converted into a communist country?
  • Indeed we have, this allows everyone to be equal and have a fair society.
  • North Korea and South Korea have ha different views on Communism which resulted in conflict.
  • How could his Allie help the future of this nation?
  • America, we need to become allies. North Korea has just became allies with Russia, you never know what will happen.
  • August 1945, South Korea and and America form and alliance against North Korea.
  • 38th Parallel
  • Yes, we must become allies, you never know what North Korea might do.
  • South Korea just allied with America, we need to Allie together.
  • In 1945 North Korea and China became allies in defense against South Korea.
  • How will I be treated and incorporated in this Allie? How will I benefit from this?
  • I agree
  • There was a point in time where Syngman Rhee did not want to go in war.
  • I have a big decision to make on whether to go to war with North Korea.
  • What was causing me to go to war with North Korea?
  • War has begun
  • In August 1945, The 38th Parallel was the start of the Korean war.
  • What will my outcome be?
  • Indeed it has
  • I am glad to say that we have reached an aggreement.
  • On July 27th, 1953 North Korea and South Korea have reached an agreement after the president of South Korea refusing the agreement.
  • Why did I settle for so much less? How will this affect me in the future?
  • Likewise
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