Transcendental Vocabulary
Updated: 2/23/2021
Transcendental Vocabulary

Storyboard Text

  • Non conformity-the failure or refusal to conform to a prevailing rule or practice.
  • Simplified Life-The Idea of a simplified life is having only what you need.
  • I don't think I'll abide by these new laws. I'm gonna follow the old ones instead
  • These are new laws you need to follow
  • I am not obeying these new laws I'm sticking to the old ones
  • No thanks. I'm smart enough and I can manage on my own because i also have some good ideas
  • PAST
  • Self Reliance-developing your own ideas instead of relying on others thoughts
  • I have some ideas that could help you manage your job and home
  • I have built some tents so that we can spend the weekend here
  • Importance of Nature- Nature allows us to escape from reality. Emerson believe it can free our minds so that we can connect with our inner spirit
  • why this place
  • We need to at least connect with nature once in a while
  • Why does your home look so simple and you don't have things in it
  • I only buy what i need and also why waste money on only your wants
  • SOLD
  • Give me one more chance
  • This time I need to manage my finances well so that I would not be in debt
  • You can't pay the debt.
  • We have to sell it sorry Sir
  • Favoring Intuition over Reason- using past experiences and taking chances and just learning as you go along.