Salsa- working

Updated: 6/2/2020
Salsa- working

Storyboard Text

  • Salsa, I've important work due in 1 week... It's stressing me!
  • Working
  • Then do work now!
  • But i'm too lazy, Salsa... And two weeks IS a long time...
  • You not feel leSs lazy! Do work! You be free....
  • YES! So much! Now I don't have to worry anymore!
  • Salsa says: do your work in advance, you'll feel better!
  • Sso... Happy?...
  • You did??
  • I finished the work, Mrs. Wonte!
  • I KNOW you copied off someone! You'll pay.
  • Who you called?
  • My enemy... Brenda Streith.
  • Why hello, Brenda. I didn't copy! i'm not like YOU. And I will pay? Heh.