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Updated: 2/12/2020
Multimedia story board
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  • War will always stay the same, however...
  • The world is being destroyed by the dude on the moon.
  • alright cheers butt
  • Keith
  • who are they
  • i will lend you an army as he's being a bit of a jerk to me as well
  • Kill the dude on the moon
  • black screen with a voice talking giving a pessimistic talk about war music starts with a chaotic sounds as the blackness fades into an explosion
  • We used our space ship to go to the moon and kill a fool
  • right guys if any of yous die I will kill you
  • The UC (unexpected competence) home town is destroyed by an evil entity on the moon and seek help on killing him from one of the holy cities, Barnsley,music goes silent and all that is heard is a ringing white noise and the characters are muffled by the booming sound of bombs all around them
  • They talk to the leader of Barnsley who helps them out by lending them a ship and an army to fight turn to a slow piano
  • Our friends are gone, We can't stop now that we are so close
  • They are heading to the moon to fight keith and his army, they mentally prepare for what is to come music drops as the characters talk
  • The crew along with the army lands on the moon (wearing armor) and begin fighting against Keith's picks up again but with more orchestra and more choir to sound more heroic
  • the team go down into the crypts with half of them perishing and the other half being chased further downmusic gets more and more intense and more choir is added
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