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Romeo & Juliet
Updated: 6/11/2019
Romeo & Juliet
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Storyboard Description

by LeoKat10 this is an alternate scene from when Romeo goes to get the poison from an old man but the old man is hard of hearing so he gives Romeo steroids instead.

Storyboard Text

  • Romeo is walking to the old man's house to get poison
  • I remember an old chemist. He's a very strange and poor guy, lives in a dump of a shop with tons of animals he can't afford to keep out. I think he's also hard of hearing, but that shouldn't change my situation.
  • He'll be able to give me some poison to let me lie near Juliet and be rid of the burden of life
  • How could I have been such a fool to leave her? We were married, and could have run away together that night we spent in her chambers!
  • Can I help you sir?
  • Inside the old man's house
  • I need to act tough on this guy to get the right poison
  • No, you fool! Who do you think I am? Something stronger.
  • My one true love is dead, so I need something to soothe my pain.
  • Whadd'ya need?
  • Painkillers, eh?
  • Like perhaps poison?
  • I couldn't hear that last bit, but he wanted something stronger... Steroids? that must be it. I'll give him steroids, yes, that must be what he wants.
  • May I see?
  • I got some for ya. Here ya go. Use it wisely, it's very strong stuff.
  • You have my word. Thanks again, you have no idea what this means to me.
  • Why are these pills? I asked for poison. Well I'll just have to trust his word that there's poison on the inside of the pills...
  • Thank you, and here's your payment on the table.
  • No problem, sir! glad i could be of service!
  • but don't squeal on me, this is illegal business!
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