Rome project
Updated: 2/4/2020
Rome project
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  • Yes we finally over threw the Roman Kingdom
  • Yes now we can start our republic. We must go away from our old roots and start something new, we should mix our beliefs with others to make a way better society. There will be three man parts the consuls, the senate and lastly the assembly. Now we will help our economy and help so there will be less peasants and lower class we will create the middle class.
  • We are now done with the republic period and now we are and empire. Thanks to Augustus we are thriving now. Also our military anarchy is helping a lot too. Thanks to us being an empire we are now able to develop a language, religion, and our own type of art. Along with those we have discovered new philosophy and new government systems.
  • I am the lower class, some might call me a peasant my family is poor and has been poor for a while
  • Hello I am in the middle class. The middle class is something new and created by the Romans. We are still a little on the poor side but we were born free citizens and that is the main necessity of being in the middle class
  • I am of the upper class. I was born into wealth and will stay that way for a while life is good being rich.
  • Being a christian before now was dangerous because it was banned and people who practiced it were punished in a variety of was some were such as getting feed to the lions. Saint Paul was the start when he spreed the word about it in Asia then eventually brought it to Rome where Constantine adopted it as Rome main religion.
  • The fall of the Roman empire was mainly the cause of not being able to enforce rule with such a spreed out empire which led to problems in communication. Also many poor people were happy to see Rome fall. After the Roman empire fell Rome was no longer the cappital
  • Today we have a lot to thank the Romans for one major thing is our sewer system. Without them creating the sewer system we would have a lot of waste and wouldn't know what to do with it. Also Romans created concrete, what would we do today without concrete. Our buildings are made with concrete and also our streets and side walks.
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