Taxation Without Representation (Emma Leonard)
Updated: 9/25/2018
Taxation Without Representation (Emma Leonard)
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  • It's a violation of rights!!
  • These new taxes are RIDICULOUS!!!
  • Something needs to be done about this! The taxes are unbelievably high!
  • We need to get their attention! As English men, our voices should be heard!
  • When the taxes were put into action, the colonists were absolutely furious. They believed it was unfair
  • British products
  • The Colonists wanted their voices to be heard. They thought to take action as to get their voices out there.
  • WHAT ARE WE TO DO!??!?
  • They won't buy ANY of our products!!!!
  • A way that the colonists tried to be heard was by sending an resolution. The resolution was made by the house of burgesses. A resolution is a formal way to to get an opinion out there. 
  • ugh, FINE... I will make a repeal.
  • Another way the Colonists tried to get their opinion out to the British was by boycotting. The colonists didn't by any British products as to make the British notice them.
  • The boycotts effected the British A LOT. Because of the boycotting, the British lost a lot of revenue. 
  • Eventually, the colonists did manage to get their voices heard. A repeal against the taxes was made. The colonists no longer needed to boycott products or try to desperately be heard.
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