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science comic
Updated: 5/21/2020
science comic
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  • what you doing ben
  • Lightning
  • Lightning?!
  • the occurrence of a natural electrical discharge of very short duration and high voltage between a cloud and the ground or within a cloud, accompanied by a bright flash and typically also thunder.
  • Ya lightning
  • he built the body of the kite with two crossed strips of cedar wood and a silk handkerchief instead of paper as it would not tear with wind and rain. They attached a foot long sharp and pointed wire to the top of the kite as a conductor and at the bottom end of the string where it is held they attached a silk ribbon and a metal key. A metal wire connected the key to the Leyden Jar.Franklin kept dry by retreating into a barn; the end of the string was also kept dry to insulate himself. When the stormed passed over his kite the conductor drew electricity into his kite. The kite was not struck by lightning but the conductor drew negative charges from a charged cloud to the kite, string, metal key and Leyden jar. It appears that he knew enough about grounding to protect himself from being electroshocked. When he moved his hand near the key he received a shock because the negative charge attracted the positive charge in his body.
  • I know what lightning is but like what are you doing with lighting
  • great now he is talking in second person
  • Actually its third person
  • We get it your smart!!
  • did you know a single bolt of lightning is around 50,000f or 5 times hotter than the surface of the sun.
  • Have fun getting shocked by lightning!!
  • Thank you
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