Starters By: Lissa Price

Starters  By: Lissa Price

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By: Lissa Price

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  • Bye Callie.
  • I am going to take the job at Prime Destinations. I will come home soon.
  • Today is be your first body rental. It will be like sleeping. Sleep tight.
  • Five days later
  • Today you are going to have a month rental. Sleep tight.
  • In their hideout. Hiding from the marshals. Callie decides to take the job at the body bank/Prime Destinations.
  • Yea, I am.
  • Club Rune. You don't remember. Are you a renter?
  • I am fine. Where am I?
  • Are you okay? I saw you fall.
  • Right before Callie's first body rental.
  • Hi, I am Blake. Whats your name?
  • My name is Callie. Nice to meet you Blake, but I got to go. Bye, Blake
  • When Callie's month body rental starts.
  • Club Rune Where everything went wrong......
  • Sorry hon. I got to go. Here is my card. Bye.
  • Callie meets a cute boy and then leaves club rune.
  • Callie lose control of her body and comes back a day or 2 later. When she comes back.... She has a gun with a silencer on it.
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