Updated: 5/18/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Hi, i am the cell membrane and my funcion is surround the cell cytoplasm
  • And you?
  • I am the endoplasmic reticulum and i consisted of a network of flattened space lines with a membrane
  • That is so cool, i am the Mitochondrian and i am small oval baped organelles
  • That is so cool, Hi i am the vacole and i am a fluidfilled space enclosed by a membrane
  • I am the golgi apparatus, and i am shaped like disc, it consist of a stack
  • All the people where are cool, i am nucleis and i plays a part in the making of proteins
  • I am the cytoplasm, and i am the part of the protoplasm between the cell surface membrane
  • She is my best friend ;)
  • I am the ribosomes and i am are a cell structure that makes protein
  • Omg, i am chromosomes and i Chromosomes are structures in the center (nucleus) of cells that carry long pieces of DNA
  • thanks for watching