Lab Safety

Updated: 8/26/2020
Lab Safety

Storyboard Text

  • I'm really glad we wore shoes and brought these clothes
  • These lab coats are really cool
  • Where did everyone get those clothes?
  • This has a hazard sign because we are supposed to drain the chemicals here
  • I think I'm supposed to drain the tube here
  • The people were horse-playing around the science rules. Instead they should be sitting and doing there workShe was smelling the chemical and putting her face towards it. Instead she should do the lab work from a safe distanceThere was broken glass on the floor and she was going to pick it up with her bare hands and throw it in a trash bag. Instead she should get a broom and a dust pan, notify the teacher, and throw it away in a designated area meant for glassShe was not dressed for the lab. She should wear closed toed shoes and a lab coat or something to protect her skinHe was draining chemicals in the sink instead of in the designated area. Instead he should ask the instructor were to pour it
  • Lab Safety Rules