Hero's Journey: Monomyth Storyboard 2.0
Updated: 12/10/2020
Hero's Journey: Monomyth Storyboard 2.0

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  • Grayson Taurus, a 16 year old boy who loves games, nature, and has quite the bond with animals, had been chosen mid year to attend Jade Mountian Academy, an elite highschool that provides students with top notch education on the far side of the country, though Grayson never knew why he was accepted into the Academy.
  • There at the entrance, he met Kenneth Stone, who was in the same grade and class as Grayson, and showed him the way. Grayson saw his new classmates were chill and nice. He knew he was going to like it there.
  • Several months later, undeniable footage was released of a terrible monster lurking around Jade Mountian Academy, the news spread quick, and staff was preparing for a lockdown. Everyone had to run to the classrooms for lockdown until the staff could call for help.
  • Unfortunately on the way to the classrooms, Grayson was seen by the monster, and he knew the only option was to fight, flight would be impossible. It was then Grayson learned the true meaning of why he was admitted into Jade Mountian Academy, it was a school of special power, and Grayson had the power of his special animal bonds. With the help of his fellow wild animals, the monster was defeated.
  • The monster turned out to be a woman who was angered from her troubles back home, and Grayson vowed he would help her, and she accepted. Then after the animals wished Grayson the best - Grayson doing the same, they went to their homes. Everyone was relieved the woman meant no real harm, and they all helped her find a wonderous cottage. Afterwards, Grayson was known as The Hero of Jade Mountian Academy. He had also become aquainted with a small hamster, in which they had formed the most special friendship.
  • After it all, the students were allowed a 1 week break, and Grayson traveled back to his home town to see his family. He missed them so, and wanted to tell them everything. And so he did, as honor was brought upon the Taurus family.
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