Scary sleepover UwU

Updated: 6/19/2020
Scary sleepover UwU

Storyboard Text

  • huh!?
  • aaah! what!
  • AaAh! a ghost!
  • there is nothing
  • but.....
  • In one night, my friend Ana had a sleeepover at my house. Every day she told me about GhOsT, but I dont belive her.
  • OK, There is nothing! noow bacl to sleep
  • O-O
  • Ana saw something........It was a ghost!!!. She yelling and I woke up to see whats happen.
  • god, this girl is so crazy. U-U
  • ...uh..O_O
  • I turn to back to see if there is somethin..but nothing was there. I was thinking she want to scared me.
  • Ana, maybe it was a dream, nowww, back to sleep, I am tired!
  • I told her to go back to sleep because tomorow we go at the beach so we need to be awake. But she still awake
  • I just go back to sleeep because I was so tired, but she was busy with that ghost. It was dngerous that she see a ghost and I can't see,
  • It was 3am, really - - , I told her that it was a dream, and to go to sleep. whatever I think it was not a deream, but it work UwU, to go to sleep.
  • ok...