Projekt 1065
Updated: 4/21/2020
Projekt 1065
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  • Projekt 1065 by Alan Gratz
  • Early in Projekt 1065, we learn how Michael, a young boy at the time, how his parents are spies in Berlin working as the Irish Ambassadors to Germany. We learn that on the Kristallnact, or the Night of Broken Glass, and it was the first of many Nazi purges committed on the Jewish people. This was the beginning of the Holocaust.
  • After Michael has donned the "brown beast" of the Hitler Youth, he had his first big assignment. To locate a downed British plane. We later learn how important this plane was for Michael to find, as the pilot was taking photos of the first jet plane that would be used in the war. It would likely mean the war if Germany created such beasts at the time. Michael had to find the pilot before the other boys did. If he didn't, the others would kill him.
  •  On the night Simon was to get out of Berlin, it was a night that Simon and his parent's told him to tell the gestapo on them. That his parents were spies and hiding a British pilot. Simon was caught on purpose and when he tried to walk away, Simon was shot dead. His parents were also turned in by Michael on purpose. This was part of the plan. Michael was to get on a "science team" that was to assassinate a scientist.
  • Michael was on the science team. This "science team" was the mission to assassinate Professor Goldsmit, someone who was working on the Atomic Bomb. Michael hid the jet fighter plans under a rock. The group of Hitler Youth boys were let through without getting checked. Their weapon was a puzzle that created a bomb. Later, Michael had almost escaped off the resort with Goldsmit, but Fritz had came on top of the cable car. Michael and Fritz fought on top of the cable car. This ended in Fritz falling to his death below the cable car.
  • At the end of the story, we learn how Michael and his family met again. After the train ride to a town in Switzerland, Michael reconstructed the Projekt 1065 blueprints with an agent. Michael and his family were sent to the United States to help with intelligence.
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