Updated: 1/19/2020
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  • Okay someone explain to me the DNA replication process we talked about yesterday.
  • The DNA Replication process starts during the interphase of cell division.
  • The two strands of DNA complement each other like Cytosine to Guanine so that it's possible to copy one strand of DNA without the other.
  • Later...
  • That's right and now someone else explain Protein Synthesis.
  • Transcription comes first where RNA is used to make DNA into a message called mRNA which is made by RNA polymerase. Then attached itself through the cytoplasm to the ribosome.
  • Next is translation where the ribosome makes the protein. In this step of the process is tRNA which it the building blocks of a protein that have amino acids. tRNA transfers the amino acids to complete the mRNA that was brought in to create a new strand,
  • Wow you all really paid attention i expect you all to pass with flying colors
  • What some may not realize is that this complex process happens all the time.
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