Six Minutes
Updated: 3/18/2020
Six Minutes

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  • Episode 17
  • Oh no! Mom's coming!
  • It's ok Maryan, just reschedule it for tomorrow
  • Episode 17
  • But, mom...
  • Sure Mom! Let's go
  • Holiday, Dr. Farber would like to see you. I can take you there
  • Episode 17
  • Hey!! Let me out!
  • Sorry Holiday, I can't do that
  • Holiday, Cyrus and Birdie are looking inside the secret room in their mom's office.
  • Episode 18
  • Birdie found you in the water, and Cyrus jumped in and pulled you out...
  • Holiday closes the secret room just in time. Mom comes into the room and takes Holiday with her to go and see Dr. Farber.
  • Episode 18
  • I am so glad there are no more secrets
  • Mom tells Holiday that they were never going to see Dr. Farber. Then, she gets out of the car, and locks the door.
  • Episode 18
  • Did you seriously believe them?
  • Mom is telling Holiday the truth. (She's not really in their family, they found her in the water, etc.)
  • Mom and Dad are saying that they pulled that one off and the kids believed their act.
  • Well, we're going to head up to bed
  • Holiday and Cyrus are planning to spy on Mom and Dad because they know they're not telling the truth.
  • We're going to have to spy on them
  • No. What about the room in Mom's office?