Updated: 5/14/2020

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  • When Artemis was three Zeus asked her if she wanted any gifts. She responded with ten wishes.
  • ArtemisGoddess of the hunt
  • Artemis is the daughter of the god Zeus and Leto the daughter of titans Coeus and Phoebe.
  • Artemis was born before her twin brother Apollo and helped her mother deliver him. Artemis is also thought of as the goddess of childbirth and fertility because of this and women would pray to her durning labour.
  • When Hera, the goddess of marriage and family, and the wife of Zeus, discovered that Leto was pregnant, Hera banned Leto from giving birth on any land attached to the earth and seas. Leto eventually found Delos which was basically a floating island with no ties to the earth which is where she was forced to give birth.
  • 1. To always remain pure and virgin.2. To have something to set her apart from her twin brother.3.A bow and arrow made by cyclops.4.have the title of light bringer.5.A knee length tunic to hunt in.
  • 6. 60 ocean nymphs to follow her. 7.20 river nymphs to help her and her follower and to take care of her many hounds.8. To rule the mountains.9.One city chosen for her.10.The ability to help women in the pains of childbirth.
  • Artemis and Apollo were very protective of their mother. So much so once Artemis and her brother murdered all 12 of Niobe's children after she was bragging that her childbearing capacity was greater than Leto’s. When Niobe's husband Amphion, the king of Thebes, realized his children had been killed, he took his own life as well. Niobe was devastated and eventually was turned to stone by Artemis.
  • There are many myths saying that some male hunter saw the goddess while she was bathing.Actaeon,a very famous hunter, once saw Artemis naked. Enraged by this Artemis turned him into a stag and his own dogs chased him to death. Another time a less famous hunter known as Siproites saw the goddess. This time Artemis turned the unlucky hunter into a girl. One hunter, Orion, though Artemis became very fond of. He ended up becoming one of her hunting companions and possibly one of her only love interests. It is unsure how Orion was killed. in some versions Artemis was tricked into killing him and in others a scorpion Gaea sent killed him.