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Curious Chloe
Updated: 5/7/2020
Curious Chloe
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  • Curious Chloe
  • Chloe was a very curious little girl, always asking her parents questions about the people she sees, what they’re doing, and about everything else she hears.
  • Every day once school is finished, one of Chloe’s parents picks her up. All the parents wait outside until the bell rings, and then Chloe runs out to see who she gets to walk home with today.
  • “Mommy mommy! Can I please have a playdate with Emily? Pleeeeease!?”“Slow down Chloe,” Mommy laughed. “How was your day at school girls?” “Good! We did splat art today and I got to paint with my butt! Look, see!” Chloe giggled.“Well that sounds like fun. Those are very pretty BUTT-erflies! Ha ha.” Emily and Chloe laughed together. Who doesn’t love a good butt joke!?
  • Mommy continued, “So what’s all this about a playdate?” “Oh yeah! Please please PLEASE Mommy can I go over to Emily’s and play?”“Well, I don’t see why not. Did Emily ask her Daddy yet?” Mommy asked.“Yes!” Chloe exclaimed, giving Emily two thumbs up.
  • Emily ran over to go ask her Daddy if she was allowed to play, while Chloe waited with her Mommy.
  • “Mommy?” Chloe asked, “Why don’t I have a Daddy like Emily does?”
  • “Good question Chloe,” Mommy answered. “You know how you have a Mommy and a Mama who love you very much?"“Yeah?” said Chloe.
  • “Okay, well Emily just has a Mommy and Daddy who love her very much too! Some people have two Mommies or Daddies, or maybe one of each, or even just one parent.” Chloe thought to herself that, if Emily’s Daddy and Mommy love Emily the same way that Chloe’s Mommies loved her, then she’s okay with that.Chloe looked over to Emily and saw her signal back two thumbs up, so Chloe and her mom walked over and then the playdate could finally begin!
  • Later that evening, Mommy picked up Chloe from Emily’s house and made sure that she thanked her parents for letting them have a playdate.
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