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Curious Chloe 2
Updated: 5/7/2020
Curious Chloe 2
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  • “That’s wonderful that you had fun today Chloe. Yes, maybe you canvisit Emily again soon. I hope you remembered your please and thankyou’s while you were there?”
  • They both got home and Mama was just finishing up making Spaghetti… Yum!“Hey Chloe!” Mama said while helping Chloe wash her hands before dinner. “How was your playdate with Emily? That must have been fun.”“Mama we had so much fun! We played dress up, and hide and seek, and tag. Her Daddy made us apples with peanut butter and her Mommy was watching Emily's new little brother. Can I please go back tomorrow?”
  • “Mhmmm,” Chloe nodded her head while chewing some delicious spaghetti. “What’s ac-dopted mean?” “Are you asking because of Emily’s baby brother?” Mommy replied.“Yeah,” Chloe replied. “I look like you and Mama, and Emily looks like her Mommy and Daddy, but Isaac looks different. Emily said that her Mommy and Daddy ac-dopted him and like, they picked Isaac. Did you guys pick me?”
  • Chloe gave it some thought and decided that if she has two Mommies that love her sooo much, then it only makes sense that Emily and Isaac should also have a Mommy and Daddy that love them sooo much too!
  • Smiling and looking at one another, Chloe’s Mommies chuckled and her Mama said, “We are the luckiest Moms in the world to have a special and curious little girl like you, Chloe. When you were even smaller than Isaac is, you grew in Mommy’s tummy, and then POOF! You were born. Emily’s Mommy grew Emily in her tummy too. Isaac has a different Tummy Mommy but he is lucky to be part of such a happy and loving family as Emily’s, right?”
  • They all finished up dinner and Mama brought Chloe upstairs to put her PJ’s on and brush her teeth, while Mommy finished up the dishes before storytime. Chloe was all snuggled into bed with both her Mommies cuddled up close to her, listening to a nighttime story before she drifted off to sleep after her long day of playdates and spaghetti. Mama was reading a story to Chloe and she saw that same curious look on her face just before she started thinking up some questions.“Mama, why does he have that?” Chloe asked, pointing to a boy in the picture book.
  • “Well, Chloe. This boy has a wheelchair that helps him move around and get places, just like your feet and legs help you get places.” “Why?”“There’s no one real reason, Chloe. But you see how this boy can play basketball because his wheelchair helps him? And you know how you love playing basketball?”“Yeah,” Chloe replied.“Well it’s more important that you both get to play a fun sport, instead of only noticing how you two play it differently, right?”
  • Chloe thought about it for a minute, and she came to the decision that as long as that boy in the book gets to play basketball, and as long as Isaac is part of a welcoming family, and as long as Emily has parents who love her, then it all made sense to Chloe.
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