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Updated: 9/20/2019
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  • 1765
  • 1773
  • The quartering act declared that the colonists provide food and shelter to the British soldiers. This caused an uproar in the colony.
  • Is dinner ready?
  • Do I have to feed you?!
  • 1774
  • 1767
  • The townshend acts were a series of laws passed that took away some rights of the colonists. They were forced to pay tax on tea, paper, paint, lead and glass.
  • grrrrr
  • That paper will cost 35 cents.... plus tax.
  • 1770
  • 1775
  • The Boston massacre occurred on March of 1770 when the colonist rebelled taxation on tea, glass, paper, and paint
  • We will not pay tax for everyday necessities
  • The Boston tea party started because colonists became angry towards the tea act. The colonists dresses as Indians and threw boxes of tea overboard while chanting "No taxation without representation."
  • The intolerable acts were laws passed by British parliament in order to punish the Massachusetts colonist for their tea party protest.
  • The colonists have gotten out of line, we must form new laws to let them know who is on charge.
  • The "shot heard around the world" was the first shot of the American Revolution. In Concord, Massachusetts
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