The Lightning Thief
Updated: 2/10/2020
The Lightning Thief
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Storyboard Description

Percy, Grover, and annabeth was at camp site then the went on a quest. So they got on the bus then later on there ride there was Ms. Dodd’s and two other ferices. Then the bus exploded and then they ran in the woods and then got on a train for two days. Then they got off the train and walked a little ways and then they got to a town a there was someone standing there with a chihuahua that was mean. Then they fight and Percy won then he went in water and when he got out he wasn’t wet then some one told him to go to the beach him and his parents go to but don’t accept the gifts. Then the police are trying to find him but Annabeth told him not to worry about him. There was a girl that was watching Percy and she was telling the police but they didn’t believe her because they thought that it was the medicine kicking in.

Storyboard Text

  • They are at the camp getting ready for a quest
  • They are getting on the bus and they see Ms.Dodds and two other frues
  • They meet a god named ares which is Carlisses dad
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