Updated: 12/17/2019
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  • Background
  • I want to look like him
  • Overpopulation
  • There are still be non-colorful peacocks, but they struggle surviving more than colorful peacocks do.
  • Why am I the only non-colorful one?
  • Variation
  • Variation vs.Minimum Variation
  • Peacock's tail feathers have become more colorful over time in order to attract a female. Since peahens use choice mating, they prefer peacocks with brighter, more attractive, tail feathers.
  • Minimum Variation Result
  • Variation vs.Minimum Variation
  • I want to find someone colorful.
  • Over time, as they evolved, a majority of peacocks began to have more colorful feathers. Now almost all of the, are colorful, but their population is decreasing which is resulting in less variation.
  • Solution
  • zoo
  • Less variation can be good or bad in some cases. For example, now almost all peacocks are colorful so they can attempt to increase their population my mating. If a disease spreads, it may wipe out a majority of the peacock population.
  • Future
  • If part of a population is wiped out, when new generations are created they will continue down the path of minimum variation in the species. This may result in a low survival rate, or repeat of disease or event.
  • We can not do very much to keep the non-colorful trait, but we can attempt to put them in zoo's or in research areas in order to see how environmental changes or impacts affect colorful and non-colorful peacocks. We should research this because it shows us how natural selection can affect species.
  • Why are we different?
  • If peacocks continue to carry the high pigmented feathers most, if not all, of the male population will be colorful. This may result in low genetic variation in the future, but for now the males will be able to pass on the trait by breeding with females who are attracted to their bright colors.
  • Where did all the non-colorful peacocks go?
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