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Updated: 12/12/2019
Unknown Story
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  • This is Emma, who fell asleep on her phone.
  • ..
  • social media...
  • This person is getting on my nerves, she hasn't feed me
  • Meow...Meow..
  • In the morning, after 5 hours of sleep, Emma is awaking by her phone's alarm.
  • ring
  • Meow...Meow..
  • Oh, Where am I, wait i have school, No...Wait i never change cloths...
  • doesn't she feel me I am on her foot ...
  • One Hour later, Emma is at school.
  • social media...
  • A few minute later the teacher turns around to see no one paying attention, and pounds the bat on the floor 3 times, before they realize.
  • What was that...
  • what I need my hand, I mean phone...
  • Listen up, there are no phone aloud in my class!.
  • I not giving up my phone...she..
  • What was that...
  • Eight hours later, after everyone leaves, Mrs, teacher goes up to Amie, and hit the table to get her attention.
  • what just happen...
  • Amie, I said eight hour ago NO PHONE...bat four time...detention..
  • Wait school is over? Yes...
  • No a detention, No...how did this happen?
  • What, um I didn't hear or see you hit the floor with a bat four time...
  • Back at home after school, Emma was using her phone when all of a sudden it died.
  • No no no my phone die...(inside screams)...Wait what that sound..
  • Wait my room upside down, but it wasn't like that before, right..
  • Wait that my cat, hold up when was the last time I feed her...wait what..
  • Maybe someone outside will hear me and feed me..
  • Meow...Meow..
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