black panther
Updated: 10/5/2018
black panther
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  • Exposition: T'challa and his family, Erik Killmonger, and Everett K Ross are main characters in Wakanda. The leader of the other tribe M'baku challenges T'challa to the thrown
  • Conflict: T'challa beats M'baku and gets crowned king. Later they hear that a man named Klaw stole an important artifact from a museum T'challa and his crew travel to south Korea to find Klaw in a club trying to sell it for money
  • Rising action: T'challa is able to track Klaw and take him to custody but Erik shows up and breaks Klaw out just to kill him again On the other side Everett is badly hurt and is taken to Wakanda because its the only kind of advanced technology that will save him
  • Climax: Erik brings Klaws body to Wakanda and reveals his identity adopting the name Killmonger. He challenges T'challa for a combat battle. Killmoger defeats T'challa and throws him off a cliff killing Zuri, and killing all the magic flowers
  • Falling action: T'challas mom saves one flower before he burns the rest and T'challas family goes out to the mountains to find T'challa They find him with the other tribes sleeping. they cure him and goes back to Wakanda to face killmonger and his army
  • Resolution: Eriks army stands down and T'challa kills Killmonger stabbing a sword through his chest. T'challa wants to heal him but he refuses and decides to die. Later he revels to the world about Wakanda and there technology
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