Kain and Hevel
Updated: 1/11/2021
Kain and Hevel

Storyboard Text

  • Hi Im Hevel Im a shepard
  • Hi Im Kain Im a farmer
  • Here is fruit for youHashem
  • Here is a sheep from my flock Hashem
  • These are Kain & Hevel
  • shut up idiot
  • Kain is giving Hashem a big basket of fruit Hashem is not proud
  • Come back here u numpty
  • Hevel is giving Hashem a sheep from his flockHashem is very proud
  • Why did you kill your brother?!you will be marked FOREVER!
  • Kain is shouting at Hevel because Hashem liked his offering more
  • Kain is chasing Hevel with a rockThe rock hit Hevel on the head and he died
  • Hashem is very mad at Kain and he puts a red 'k' on his forehead forever as a punishment!