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Graphic Novel - Part 1
Updated: 9/21/2020
Graphic Novel - Part 1
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  • The year is 1931 - 15 years after the Great War
  • Hi! My name is James Kinley. I am 16 years old, and I live with my family in London, England. I am almost done with grade school!
  • James is the youngest person in his family.
  • This is my family; here is my father, Jason, my mother, Betty, and my brother, Jean.
  • The German people were very unhappy after the war.
  • After the Great War, Germany's economy collapsed. The country was falling apart. It was a dark time to live in Germany.
  • The Nazi Party in Germany, led by Adolf Hitler, is trying to create a common enemy to unite the Germans and promise change.
  • The Nazi Party is a horrible fascist movement.
  • The Treaty of Versailles was the peace treaty that brought WWI to an end, declaring the Germans' defeat in the war.
  • The treaty caused Germany to go into a depression and embarrassed Germany.
  • The Treaty of Versailles1) Small military2) Paying reparations3) Full war blame
  • James is afraid of the growing Nazi Regime, but his father does not worry. Prime Minister MacDonald refuses to confront Germany.
  • The Treaty of Versailles restricts the German army from growing too large.
  • Macdonald Quiet on Nazi Regime
  • Everything will be okay! Germany is weak. We have the Treaty of Versailles
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